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Lock In Amplifier used a MC1496

Finally, I could used MC1496 application for Lock In Amplifier/Phase Sensitif Detector (PSD). Actually this the first time project, played with full analog. Hemm..there is so complicated, but I’m enjoyed and full learned. exactly this is completing the insight very valuable :D.


Once considered surprisingly good,for MC1496, bandwith more width 300MHz. For AD630, have large 2MHz. AD633 only 1Mhz.

Actually many application for MC1496,  such as amplitudo modulation (AM), FM detection, Phase Detection, synchronous detection, mixer, frequency doubler, SSB product detector, and much more .

Balanced Modulators/ Demodulators MC1496 work produces the output derived from factoring out the two input source,  that is input signal dan switching  carrier wave .

following the Schematic:

Picture. Phase Comparator [from Aplication note AN189]

from above schematic, can now be used to detect the phase shift / phase difference on 2 signal input which has the same frequency. In this project, PSD used to detect tampering/pertubation on sensor mutual inductance (what’s that the mutual inductance?, i told you about in subsequent articles ).

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